Frequently asked Questions about the Loop Charity Cycle Challenge

”To what will my registration fee entitle me?”

If starting at Speers Point you can ride through pictorial Warners Bay travelling onto the historic Catherine Hill Bay for a refreshing and healthy fruit stop

Travelling on further to Lake Munmorah for an enjoyable morning tea and muffins stop and catch up with other riders etc.

After leaving Lake Munmorah there is an additional water and toilet stop at the old “Big Prawn” location for your convenience followed by a water stop at Belmont South Park. There are various other toilet and water stops throughout the 85 klm circuit.

Then return to Speers Point Park for a refreshing light lunch, fruit, some entertainment and if you desire a refreshing and well deserved swim in the Speers Point Swim Centre which is inclusive.

We have a photographer at various locations around the circuit of which photos can be viewed on our website and purchased at a later date.

St Johns ambulance personnel will also be in place at various locations around the circuit which hopefully will not be required.

A pick up bus will follow the last rider leaving Speers Point Park at 10am and will travel around the circuit and leave each of the sectors at the designated closing times. This vehicle may assist a cyclist who is unable to complete the ride due to health related or mechanical issues.

If starting at Lake Munmorah all of the points above apply except you will not be traveling through Catherine Hill Bay.

Also if starting from Lake Munmorah you perhaps could ask a family member/friend to meet you at Speers Point Park where there is a park designed for children of all ages to enjoy, whilst they wait for mum/dad or whoever to complete their ride and meet them for lunch and fun.

Perhaps you would like to consider bringing the children’s bikes along with you and enter the family ride which rides around the cycleway for up to 7-11 klms. It is your choice of distance. By entering the family ride you will also be able to have a well-deserved lunch, fruit and a refreshing swim in the pool for an entry of $50 per family for up to four persons.

”Can children under 16 ride?”

Under Police Guidance, Children Under 16 years of age are not permitted to ride in Loop Charity Cycle Challenge


However, Families with children aged 15 yrs and under may wish to participate in the Family Ride 7km ride along the shared path starting at Speers Point Park and riding to Warners Bay. Click here for details

”What time is the start?”

Provided you have your rider bib, you can start when you are ready after 7.00am but the support volunteers, water stops, muffin breaks, lunch and vehicles are scheduled to suit an average pace cyclist starting from Speers Point.

The official Speers Point start is at 7.00am

Speers Point – from 7.00am – 9.00am.

Lake Munmorah – from 8.00am – 11.00am

Family Charity Bike Ride – families can start any time between 9.30 and 10.30am from Speers Point Park.

”Where are locations for starting?”

Speers Point start: 7.00am – 9.00am at Speers Point Park

Lake Munmorah start: 8.00am at a location yet to be confirmed.

”Where can I shower or swim after the ride?”

Lake Macquarie Council provide a complimentary entry to Speers Point Swim Centre for riders, take your ride bib as an ‘entry docket’.

”Are the Roads swept before the ride?”

Loop Charity Cycle Challenge are incredibly grateful to have the services of Advance Sweepers driving the vacuum truck around the ride the night before to clean up as much junk as possible. The council and state government periodically clean the sides of the roads but they don’t do it on request.

 ”Is the ride on sealed roads?”

Yes. You ride on public roads under the normal bike riding regulations so care and safety are paramount.

The Family Charity Ride is on the shared pathway between Speers Point and Warners Bay.

 ”Where do I collect my ride number?”

All Rider Bibs for 2019 must be collected from your nominated starting point. Bibs will NOT be mailed out due to new Police directions to the event organisers. Please have a copy of your receipt printed or on your phone to expedite the process.

 ”If it rains is the ride still on?”

Yes, even if it is raining the Loop Charity Cycle Challenge will go ahead.

Except as otherwise stated in these Terms and Conditions of Entry and as required by law, the Event Owner is under no obligation to refund monies or entry fees due to non use, cancellation, failure to participate or dissatisfaction by the Participant.

 ”Can I ride a tandem bike?”


 ”Can I tow a Bike trailer?”

No Bike Trailers are permitted on public Roads when riding in the Loop Charity Cycle Challenge

Bike Trailers are permitted in the Family Charity Bike Ride.

”Can I ride with a small child harnessed to me?”

Not in the Loop Charity Cycle Challenge

 ”What if I get a puncture”

Everyone is encouraged to carry suitable spares and repair kit. Some of our official vehicles will have basic puncture kits and we have the cycle shops available for repairs but they do get very busy and so it is best if you are self sufficient.

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