Why doesn’t the ride ‘Loop the Lake’ anymore?

Last year’s ride-director Craig Henningham explains…

For over 20 years, until last year, our ride-route did a full loop of Lake Macquarie, hence the ‘Loop’ branding. Of course riders who have participated over the years enjoyed that idea, so we are still getting quite a number of emails asking why the route has changed.

Over the last few years of the original Loop the Lake ride, the police were becoming more and more concerned about the safety of riders, particularly on the western side of the lake. There is a greater population down that side than there was when the event first started, so there’s a lot more traffic on the road. Most of that side is just a single traffic lane with poor shoulders. With speed limits up to 90k’s in places, it was considered that the risk of having large numbers of cyclists on that part of the route had become too great. Nobody wants to be knocking on the door of a rider’s family to deliver bad news.

At first it seemed that the event would no longer receive approval and we at Warners Bay Rotary Club would have to find another avenue for fundraising. But one experienced traffic officer worked with us to come up with an acceptable route on the east side. The first ride on the changed route presented a number of unforeseen problems so again we sat down with the police to iron out the bugs. The changes we made for this year’s event resulted in great, positive feedback. (See the video clip on this page).  We are now confident that we have a safe, interesting and enjoyable new ride and we’re looking forward to many more of our previous Loop the Lake riders enjoying the new ‘Loop charity ride’.

Thank you for all your support in the past. We are all volunteers using our experience to provide an enjoyable day while raising much needed charitable funds to help people not so fortunate as ourselves.  If you weren’t able to make it this year, we hope to see you around dawn at Speers Point Park in March 2020.


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